Explore India in regal style from the adobe of Maharajas

Explore India in regal style from the adobe of Maharajas 1

There can be many reasons to explore a place and one of such reason is its rich royalty which is still captured by some classy resorts like Oberoi Hotels & Resorts. In India, this hotel chain has dropped with utter luxury at 5 different destinations that worth a visit. All these destinations are the point of attraction from the era of Maharajas. The jaw-dropping beauty of all these resorts will leave you mesmerized. Each of the hotels offers an amazing blend of regal culture mingled with exotic food and luxurious facilities.

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Perfect location for the get-together: all the locations of Oberoi Hotels & Resorts have its own style crafted with luxury and comfort. Be it in anywhere, all the guests receive an awesome flavor of culture & tradition blended together with modern luxury in here. Be it in India or Egypt or Indonesia, or Dubai or Mauritius, all the hotels are located in most beautiful locations in the city with enthralling natural scenic views.

Ordinary value with a little extra added to it: Yes the word “Extra” means a lot for all the staffs from the house of Oberoi Hotels & Resorts.  They promise that their legendary service can match up the best among so many grand hotels available till date. They also make it a point that the food served to the guest are of royal status. Even the circularities used inside the dwellings are awesome and never the less mesmerizes the people who opt for a stay in here.

Explore India in regal style from the adobe of Maharajas 2

Mind-blowing deals:  Oberoi Hotels & Resorts welcome all with amazing offers, discounts, and fabulous deals – now this is the luxury destination as per the journals, magazines and other travelers who did travel there. The scenic beauty with great offers made individuals and group fell in love with the locations.

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