The Ultimate Travel Checklist for Men

Let’s admit it, women are generally better than men when it comes to packing for trips. Going on adventures sounds all fun and exciting until they have to get down to the nitty-gritty of filling up their luggage with essential travel items. It’s safe to say, it’s not unusual for most men to lose sight of the important stuff. Often times, we think we’re all set, only to find out that you forgot to bring your charger only when we’ve already arrived to the destination. Sigh!

To help you solve this dilemma, we’ve come up with the ultimate travel checklist, filled with travel essentials for men. Use this for your upcoming trip, and enjoy an absolute stress-free journey!

Your Luggage Checklist


First things first, let’s get your basic clothing essentials out of the way. Depending on what type of trip (business or leisure) and the weather of the destination you’re staying at (summer or winter), you will have to add in some more items to complete your OOTDs.

● Underwear
Always bring twice the number of nights you are staying out!

● Sleepwear
Bring comfortable house clothes for a good night’s sleep.

● Room Slippers
This will come in handy in case a pair of slippers won’t be provided by your accommodation.

● Flip-flops
For those late-night convenience store run, you’re going to need something that your feet can easily slide into.

● Socks
Make sure to get enough clean pairs every day!

● Jacket
Regardless if you’re out for a tropical holiday, bring at least one jacket to make yourself comfortable during in-flight and road trip snoozes!

● Hat
Bring some for OOTDs, sun protection, and to stylishly hide a bad hair day.

● Sunglasses
Apart for fashion purposes, sunglasses are necessary to protect your eyes from all-day outdoor touring and late-night aftermaths.

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Now let’s get down to your toiletries list. While most hotels provide these basic hygiene necessities, it’s important to always be prepared, especially if you’re using some special products that are specific to your personal needs.

● Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Dental Floss & Mouthwash
You need to keep your mouth squeaky clean all the time!

● Shampoo, Conditioner & Soap
Consider transferring it into little bottles to make the most out of our baggage allowance.

● Razor & Shaving Cream
Not all hotels and resorts provide these items so make sure to pack some in your luggage.

● Deodorant
This is one of the most important items in this list.

● Comb
Always aim for the best hair day!

● Perfume
Never leave without your favorite scent!

● Cotton Buds
This is a must for your overall grooming.

● Nail Care
Yes, because great men have clean nails and nails care is part of your hygiene too.

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You won’t always come across a pharmacy in every place that you’re heading to. That’s why it’s import to have everything packed in case the need arises!

● Vitamins
Not because you’re out of home doesn’t mean you won’t take your vitamins anymore.

● Medicine
Don’t forget to bring all your doctor-subscribed medicine.

● Pain Killers & Antidiarrheal Drugs
Bring some to ensure nothing can get in the way of your best holiday vacation.

● First Aid Kit
Use this in case the need arises!

● Insect Repellent
This will come in handy if you’re planning to stay outdoors most of the time.

● Lip Balm
Weather changes can cause our lips some suffering, so best to always bring one with you.

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Now, onto the most important list. Leave everything but not your sources of funds!

● Cash
Always, always bring cash, because not all shops in the world accept cards.

● Credit/Debit Cards
Bring your cards with you for emergency or in case you feel the need to splurge a little!

● Wallet/Purse
Bring a handy purse where you can store all your cash and cards.

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Last but definitely not the list, make sure to run through these items because these are just as essential as the others in this vacation checklist!

● Passport
Of course, don’t forget your passport!

● Identification Cards
Together with your passport, bring these around anywhere with you in case you need to prove your identification.

● Mobile Phone
We doubt you’d forget this, but since this is an ultimate packing list, we’ll place this here as well.

● Camera & Laptop
Charge your cameras and laptops ahead to avoid the hassle of finding an outlet at the airport.

● Earphones, Chargers & Other Cables
Make sure you’ll be able to recharge and use your gadgets throughout your trip!

● Converter & Adapter
Not all sockets and power supplies are compatible with every hardware, so make sure to bring at least one of these to avoid further hassle.

● Luggage Locks & Keys
Don’t forget where you put your locks and keys and always bring them in your small bag if you can.

● Umbrella
It won’t harm to be prepared with a tool against the sun and rain.

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There you have it! Hope you have a hassle-free trip ahead with this printable travel packing list.

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